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The cases shown here are just examples of what you can custom order from me. You can have your case made to custom fit your favorite cigars and the number of them you want to carry, and you can ask me to create imagery you want on your case. All cases are molded, carved, tooled, sewn, dyed, and painted by me by hand. Size, type of leather, linings, and amount of tooling and painting affect price. My most simple cigar cases, with only one simple carved image and a set of your initials, start at $250. There is no ceiling on the order price, which totally depends on the complexity of the order. Add shipping to all prices.


Hinkle Humidor. full view. ©James Acord 2012.

Humidor made in June, 2012 for Eldon Hinkle of California, using an image supplied by the customer, of him racing a 1966 Triumph flat track racing bike. I had to do some research to fill in the details of the motor, but it worked. I bought a humidor and added my leatherwork to it.

I don't usually do non-fly-fishing related imagery in my work, but Eldon is a very good customer, having ordered many fly fishing cases, so I let him twist my arm.


Hinkle Humidor. detail view.  ©James Acord 2012.

Detail of the carved and painted image on the top of the humidor, which is 14"w x 10"d x 7.5"h.

Price of a humidor done with this level of work is $1,000 plus the cost of the actual humidor under the leather, plus shipping.


McKenzie Cigar Case ©James Acord 2008

This cigar case was ordered by a fly fisherman, Gregg McKenzie of California. The lid has a Western Green Drake sitting on a bamboo fly rod. The lower section has bamboo fly rods carved on it. His initials are carved on the back. A similar case will run $400. plus shipping.


OK Cigar Cases © James Acord 2009

This is a sampling of a commission for OK Cigars of New York, with each cigar case having a unique nature scene I created. Each case has the store's logo hand carved on the back. Similar cases range between $350. and $500. plus shipping, depending on the complexity of the artwork you request.


OK Cigar 1©James Acord 2009

These are more examples from the OK Cigars commission.


Buss cases front ©James Acord 2009

These cases were made for Garry Buss, a avid duck hunter and longtime friend, who lives in California.


Buss cases back ©James Acord 2009

At the request of Garry, I carved the initials across images of duck wing feathers. Orders for cases similar to these will run between $400. and $500. plus shipping, depending on the amount of carving you'd like.



©James Acord 2001.A mayflies and bamboo rods cigar case. You can order one with this amount of detail for around $375. plus shipping.







Case with fly fishing images.©James Acord 2001..Savin' the best for last! This case was made for a Christmas present for Jimmy's friend Doug Hall, from his wife. It was the order that got Jimmy into making fly fishing cases! It has a lot of artwork on it, including two flies, two antique rods, and initials. Extra fancy cigar cases cost $375.-$450. Add shipping. But don't forget you can order less carving and painting for less price. Or more for more!




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