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Willy thought it said "licks" instead of "links." He and our black lab, Hattie Clementine Spooler keep Jimmy in shape by depriving him of a certain amount of food.




Here are some other web sites that you might find interesting:

A. B. Herndon Rod Company. Bruce Herndon is a new friend and a maker of beautifully handcrafed split cane rods, near Malo, in the Kettle Mountain range, in the far northeast corner of Washington State.
Atlantic Salmon Fly Artisan. Craig Haddock is an amazing Salmon Fly artist from Mattawan, Michigan. These are the kind of flies I love to carve and paint into my own work on leather, because they're so ornate and colorful.

Broad River Bamboo Fly Rods. Rodmaker Doug Hall, of Decatur, Georgia. Jimmy's good friend and fly fishing pal. A wonderful craftsman of fine split cane bamboo rods!

Charlie Curro's website includes pictures he's taken at all the Trout Bum Barbecues and Grayrock Gatherings in Grayling, Michigan.
Clear Fork Chapter of Trout Unlimited. The local group Jimmy belongs to, fishing the Mohican River, a stream about a half hour from home.
Denver Dave's Bamboo Fly Rods. Dave Collyer hand makes beautiful fly rods, specializing in mortised butts. He also deals in vintage rods, and his fish photography is just amazing.
Haggard Creels. Ken Haggard makes beautifully classic styled creels, that look like he just pulled them out of history. "Professionally handcrafted creels for serious collectors."

Mad River Outfitters. Probably the best fly shop in Ohio.
The 2004 Makers Rod Stream Restoration Raffle. This is the group of 28 makers, who collectively made the bamboo rod being raffled to raise money to clean the AuSable and Manistee Rivers in Michigan. For the '98 raffle, they purchased a custom made rod case from Jimmy to go with their rod. For the 2000 raffle, Jimmy donated a reel case he made just for this event. And for the raffle. In 2002 and again in 2004 he donated a custom made rod case.
The Old AuSable Fly Shop. World famous, the original fly fishing shop on Michigan's AuSable River. Home of the Trout Bums. Hatch and weather lines for the Grayling, Michigan area. (formerly The Fly Factory.)
Over My Waders - Contemplations by Streamside. Reed Curry is a maker of beautiful cane fly rods. Also an expert on use and care of silk fly lines. He's a good friend, and I did a rod case trade with him, for a bamboo Catskill rod.
RKP Cane Rods. Richard Perry is a rod maker and friend in the Grayling, Michigan area. He's a co-organizer of the Buckeye Bamboo Bash, which is an annual event.
Trout Unlimited. National organization of fly fishermen, whose focus is " conserve, protect, and restore North America's trout and salmon fisheries and their watersheds."
TURTLE MOON STUDIOS. Where Jimmy's wife Susan (me) has her art, and you can see the older work Jimmy used to help me with there. Paintings and art quilts. Not manly and fishy at all. Actually pretty scary to men, probably including Jimmy! Like our studios at home, the two web sites reflect a male/female differences thing. Different planets. Go to this site only to see what Jimmy's strange wife talked him into collaborating on, until his fly fishing leather orders took him away from me! :)

Vintage Fly Tackle. Gary Siemer has a beautiful changing selection of antique rods and reels, in the mountains west of Boulder, Colorado. Fine Classic and Traditional Fly Fishing Tackle from around the world.

West Slope Classic Fly Tackle will provide the best possible tackle from around the world through personalized customer service and access to valued international resources in locating the items of your dreams.

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