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Here are some of the really wild and fancy pieces Jimmy's made. If you are interested in buying any of these, please contact Jimmy. This is the only page in the web site where the pictures are of things you can actually buy, rather than of examples. These have not sold because the months of work put into them make them cost a whole lot. Prices range from $1,000 to $6,000. And it's free to look! So have a blast!

Beetle Juice. 1995.

"Beetle Juice." This leather sculpture of a rhinoceros beetle is a clever disguise for a functional whiskey flask. ©1995. 14" x 7" x 3".



Summer Solstice Birdhouse. 1996.

"Summer Solstice Birdhouse." This nonfunctional leather box won't house birds, but it can hold a lot of other stuff. Susan made the drawings on the first day of Summer, and it took Jimmy months to create the box. It's all tooled and hand stitched, with a suede lining. ©1996. 11" x 8" x 9".




The Parrot Bag. 1995.

"The Parrot Bag." This bag is also a sculpture of eleven leather parrots attached to a tooled and painted background. The handle, sides, and bottom have more leaves and some frogs hiding on them. © 1995. 13" x 14" x 5".



The Frog Box. 1992.

"The Frog Box" is an entire wetlands in a box sculpture. Its shape echoes that of the lilypad lid. All of it is leather, except the painted fabric lining (that looks like a pond full of fish.) ©1992. 13" x 14" x 9".





The Hawk Box. 1991."The Hawk Box" was Jimmy's first sculptural box project. The bird is made of feather layers of leather on a slightly builtup body. There's a scenic mural all around the box, with the hawk/lid soaring over it all. Its lining is a painted fabric scene of silhouetted hawks flying in a cloud filled sunset sky. ©1991. 19" x 10" x 5".


James Acord's Leather

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