Sara Laweasel's Dogwood. ©Susan McMillen 1999.

Susan McMillen

"Sara Laweasel's Dogwood."

Silk and other fabrics. All hand sewn.

This quilt was presented to Sara Louise Wise, as a Christmas gift in December, 1998. Dogwood blossoms and Mom's Kitchen tea towel branches are appliqued on an antique white silk background.

The silk was given to my mother, Sara Louisse, by my father, Master Sargeant Robert E. McMillen, following World War II, where he was stationed in India.

The silk was given to me, before my wedding in December, 1970. I cut a small square and carried it in my bridal bouquet, so that I could include something from my father in the ceremony.

It took 27 years to get up the courage to make the second cut on the fabric. This one was for my mother, for her unwavering love and support.

When my son was three years old, I asked him if he knew his grandmother's name. "Sure," he chirped. "It's Sara Laweasel."

© 1999 Susan McMillen. PO Box 275, 371 N. Market St, Shreve, OH. 44676.

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