The Dishtowel Quilt Project

Curated by Susan Shie
The dishtowel used in the challenge.

This is an invitational I cooked up in January, 1998! There are 30 quilts of all sizes, which were made for it. They all have the same "Mom's Kitchen" 1998 calendar dishtowel with a really badly drawn apple pie on them, as the theme focus of the artwork. The artists are mostly from the US, but Canada and Ireland are both represented. The field includes many seasoned art quilt veterans and also many students of ours, some of whom are now well known, too. More to be well known soon enough!

Below is the online show of the quilts, and a real, physical show of them is being shown now at the Mansfield Art Center in Mansfield, Ohio, from June 6 to July 11, 1999. Diaries are also on display, of the making of many of the quilts. Hours are Tues-Sat: 11-5; Sun: Noon-5, and closed Mondays. Jimmy and I taught a fabric painting workshop on June 19 at the art center, and it was a wonderful experience, as was the reception , June 20. Many thanks to the art center, for all its gracious hospitality and professionalism.

Now there is a page here to see the show in Mansfield. It is photos I have taken there, so that you can get the effect of all the quilts hanging together in this lovely space! Enjoy!

You might also enjoy looking at the page of a few in-progress diary entries which came to me, over the long period in which we were all making our quilts.

Dishtowel Artists. Please select the artist's name, to view their quilt page. More names will become active links, as the exhibition is built. It SHOULD all be done by the end of May!!!!! Thank you.


Sue Alvarez. Charlotte, NC.

Debbie Barnes. Alexandria, LA / Georgetown, KY.

Tafi Brown. Alstead, NH.

Elizabeth Cave. Mansfield, OH.

Patricia Ciricillo. Ellicott City, MD.

Jane Burch Cochran. Rabbit Hash, KY.

Anita Corum. Fair Oaks, CA.

Linda Dolack. Lake Forest, IL.

Carol Drummond. Gainesville, FL.

Cyd Engel. Chicago, IL.

Nancy Erickson. Missoula, MT.

Suzanne Fisher. Cincinnati, OH.

Wendy Huhn. Dexter, OR.

Joyce Koskenmaki. Hancock, UP, MI.

Cynthia Litchfield. Decatur, GA.

Michele Merges Martens. Watervliet, NY.

Therese May. San Jose, CA.

Susan McMillen. Shreve, OH.

Bridget O'Connell. Co. Sligo, Ireland.

Anne O'Malley. Pakenham, Ontario, Canada.

Elizabeth Cherry Owen. Baton Rouge, LA.

Miriam Nathan Roberts. Berkeley, CA.

Kathleen Sharp. Monte Sereno, CA.

Susan Shie and James Acord. Wooster, OH.

Andrea Stern. Athens, OH.

Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart. Newark, OH.

Judith Vierow. Columbus, OH.

Anne Warren. South Euclid, OH.

JoAnne Webster. West Hartford, CT.

Marykay Yannotti. Andover, NJ.


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