August, 1998. By Susan Shie

Inside the Fence ŠSandra Sider, 1998.At right: "Inside the Fence" © 1998, Sandra Sider, Bronx, NY.
Here is a quilt by Sandra Sider, of which she writes, "'Inside the Fence' celebrates Jerome Park Reservoir, as our reservoir community fights proposals for a massive water filtration plant. This photo quilt helped me to stay calm and redirect some of my rage."

The quilt is made with photo transfers, screen and sponge printing, and glitter, by machine piecing and applique, and machine quilting.

I am really happy to see Sandra's statement and how making the quilt helped her redirect her anger about the potential pollution problems. I have struggled for almost ten years, trying to realize why it can be that making a protest quilt can also be making a healing quilt. I know it is true, and there certainly have been LOTS of quilts registered as GREEN QUILTS, which are protests.To me, the answer is that redirecting the rage is healing for the artist, who hopefully will then feel hope and empowerment, to make the difference, to continue to work to help the Earth. So often, the bad news makes us feel weak and hopeless. When we lose hope, we not only cannot help fight to protect the environment, but we can make ourselves sick! And we are a part of Earth, too!

Detail of Inside the Fence ŠSnadra Sider 1998.

here is a detail of Sandra's quilt.






On a very sad note, Michele Merges Martens' mother Rita C. Merges passed away May 9 of this year. I hope you can take time to send healing love to Michele and her family, in whatever way you choose.

We thought my mother Marie Shie was dying, when she acquired severe pneumonia in late July. She is much better now, and I feel this is a true miracle. Today she laughed and smiled when she saw Jimmy and me. She had the strength to kiss me. We are so grateful for everyone's loving prayers.

Aviary IV: Unexpected Companions ŠElizabeth Owen, 1997. At right is "Aviary IV: Unexpected Companions." ©1997, by Elizabeth Cherry Owen, of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The quilt is 45" x 70".






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