June, 99. By Susan Shie

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1999 GREEN QUILTS award presented to Maya Schonenberger

Heartwood. İMaya Schonenberger 1998.At left: "Heartwood" © 1998, Maya Schonenberger. Miami, FL. 37"h x 60"w. Commercial cottons and blends; hand-dyed and painted cottons; knitting material; rayon, silk, and cotton threads. Machine pieced, appliqued, and quilted.

Winner of the 1999 GREEN QUILTS AWARD, presented during Quilt National, 99.

About her piece, Maya writes: "Humans will always be part of Nature. Similar to the growth of trees in the rain forest, where in regular cycles, sapwood turns into heartwood, and old, fallen trees turn into nurse trees, generation after generation of humans develop and change our world."

Every two years, Robin Schwalb and I work hard, during the opening festivities of Quilt National, to select our next GREEN QUILTS award. We study our catalogs and the actual quilts, reading the artists' statements, to find that perfect representation of what our project really stands for. We even sit at the banquet, clutching our books, showing each other different points to consider. Then I keep working on my little hand embroidered quiltlet award, and we finally give the award out, the evening after the rest of the awards are given at QN. (Those are the official awards, and ours is an ad hoc, anarchistic award!)

Hilary Fletcher is gracious and lets us present our little award at the party she and her husband Marvin give at their home, for the artists in QN. For the third time, we have presented the COVETED GQ award, and hope to continue to do so, every two years.

We feel that Maya's piece really speaks to our project's values and energies. Many thanks to her and to the other artists who make quilts which celebrate bringing balance and harmony back to Earth.

Susan Shie, at left, and Robin Schwalb, at right, present Maya with her GREEN QUILTS award.At right, Robin and I present Maya Schonenberger with the 1999 GREEN QUILTS Award, at the Pizza and Cheesecake Party at Hilary and Marvin Fletcher's house, on May 29, during the Quilt National 99 festivities. Congratulations, Maya!




Maya's 1999 GREEN QUILTS Award.İSusan Shie 1999.This is the award I handmade for Maya. It's about the size of a potholder.

See!???? You want to make them thar GREEN QUILTS, and enter them in Quilt National, besides putting them into all the shows you can think of!!! You just may end up with your very own Lucky Potholder! :)

And besides, we can keep people thinking about healing the earth.






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