"Twilight Time: 4 of Pyrex Cups in the Kitchen Tarot."

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Twilight Time. ©Susan Shie 2011.Twilight Time. ©Susan Shie 2011

"Twilight Time: 4 of Pyrex Cups in the Kitchen Tarot.”

©Susan Shie 2011 31"h x 39.5"w. inventory #408. Peace Cozy #40.

Began 5-21-11. Finished 8-10-11.

Materials: White kona cotton, airbrush paint, fabric paint. Aurifil cotton machine thread, Artfabrik perle cotton embroidery thread, one flameworked Pink Buddha Girl bead and one Green Temple Buddha Boy bead. Nature-Fil bamboo and organic cotton batting.

Techniques: Whole cloth painting on white kona cotton. Drawing and color painting made with Aztek double action airbrush and airbrush paint. Small journal writing made with Silkpaint.com’s Airpen and fabric paint. Crazy grid machine quilting. Hand stitching (just on the border) with Laura Wasiloski’s Artfabrik.com’s hand dyed perle cotton. Various backing cottons, including Lunn Fabrics batiks.

When I airbrush painted this piece as a class demo at a Turtle Art Camp here at my house last Summer, the scene poured out of me, because this is what I see beside me every late night. My husband Jimmy sits across the little end table from me, in his big green chair and holds our dog Libby on his lap, while we watch late night TV, after a long day of studio work. Well, ok, honestly he doesn’t hold her anymore, because Libby got pretty big. So now she lays next to me on the couch or sits in front of Jimmy, if we’re having a snack, and she gets some Libby treats. (They have to be grain-free, because she’s allergic to all grains. Honest!)

We have our Franzia box Merlot together and watch the weather and maybe part of a movie or The Colbert Report. The cats gather round, and we just spend some quiet time together before bedtime. It’s our Twilight Time. When Eva stays with us, when she’s not in school, then she hangs out with us, if she can possibly stay up that late! She and Libby are our twins: Eva and Meeva. They are both lovely blondes with long legs, a wicked sense of humor, and both have serious allergies. Last year, when I made this piece, they were the same age, when Eva was six and Libby was around one. Now Libby’s a lot older than Eva already. Such is a dog’s life.

There is some writing on here about Andy Warhol, about whom I got to discussing how he could help me figure out how to market my work better, since he's a ghost (died in 1987) and therefore must have some time on his hands, and sure knew how to sell art! We had just watched a movie about him, starring David Bowie, and that had me all jazzed!

In my Kitchen Tarot deck project of 78 art quilts, which I began in 1998 and which is ongoing, this piece is the 4 of Cups, representing the strength of unconditional love. The 22 major cards of the deck are already published by Hay House as The Kitchen Tarot. But there are 56 minor cards, so we have a ways to go! I’m aiming at the year 2022!

My family is beautiful to me.

-- Lucky, Susan Shie, written months after making this piece, on March 3, 2012, in Wooster, while Libby whines to go out! OR maybe it’s to be fed her supper! She’s always lobbying to be fed earlier! ☺


Twilight Time. ©Susan Shie 2011.


Twilight Time. ©Susan Shie 2011.


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