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Pricing my fabric paintings and quilted paintings (art quilts)

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Green Stink Pot #3.©Susan Shie 2005.At left: "Green Stink Pot #3" 12.5"h x 10.5"w. Painting on unstretched, unframed Kona cotton fabric. Finished March 27, 2005. Price $262.50 plus $6. shipping and handling in the US. There are two other paintings still left in this series, for sale. Just ask, and I can email you images.






Pricing my work:

Since 2003, I've used the formulas below, and am currently revisiting them, sometimes making prices higher than the formulas, if I feel a piece is worth more than its formula price would be. Most of my new finished large works are whole cloth quilted paintings done with airbrush and airpen, then mostly machine quilted. The base formula for thess is Inches long x inches wide x $4/sq inch. But some are higher than this formula price, due to my preference for the particular piece.

My formula prices are based on the size of the work in square inches and the amount of labor I have to do to complete it in one of various ways, from simply selling you a painting on cloth to selling you a fully embellished art quilt.

The most expensive way I quilt (hand quilting with beading added) will cost 10 times what the painting itself would cost.

All prices do not include shipping, which will be added.

I have a waiting list for quilting the paintings. A design fee of $150. is charged up front on any commission.

My minimum sale price is $200 plus shipping.

My pricing formulas:

For all levels of work, the formula is: Square inches (length in inches multiplied by width in inches) multiplied by the dollar amount below.

Note that these formulas are only guidelines, so that you can get an idea of my pricing. At times I go outside of using the formula and make a price I want, based on how much I like a piece. For instance, if I think a piece is extra strong, I will make the price significantly higher. I've kept the below formulas since 2003 and feel I have the right to use them only as a guide.

Most of my new finished large works are whole cloth quilted paintings done with airbrush and airpen, then mostly machine quilted. The base formula for thess is Inches long x inches wide x $4/sq inch. But some are higher than this formula price, due to my preference for the particular piece.

Here are my base formulas for all types of my works, starting with a painting of mine that you want to buy and may want to have me finish into a quilt:

To buy a painting, on unstretched fabric: Inches long x inches wide x $2/sq inch.

To have me quilt one of my paintings for you: (These prices include the price of the painting, not just the quilting):

Painting machine crazy grid quilted (super simple, wide apart quilting): Length x width x $4. (This is the rough formula for all my new style of machine sewn large and small art quilts from 2005 to present. But I sometimes price the work according to how much I like it, rather than to my formula.)

Painting moderately hand quilted, no beading: Inches long x inches wide x $10/sq inch.

Painting complexly hand quilted, no beading: Inches long x inches wide x $15/sq inch.

Painting complexly hand quilted and beaded: Inches long x inches wide x $20/sq inch.

Custom design fee $150 extra: When I make a special customized painting or quilt as a commission, to include the person and information about their life and personality, I charge an extra $150. flat design fee. People do this: have me make a piece about them or someone they know, and send me a list of things that matter in this person 's life, such as birth date, town, family members names, favorite colors, pets, hobbies, etc. I do custom paintings like this for weddings, birthdays, etc. I also design astrology paintings just for you personally.

Prices for paintings on stretched canvas and on wood are not included in this price structure. They will be individually priced outside of this price structure.

I hope this explanation of my pricing helps. And I take payments, up to a year, but I keep the work til it's paid for.

Shipping and handling is always on top of price of the work. I prefer Priority Mail or Fed Ex, and can ship most small, fabric paintings on fabric in the US for $10, and most very small quilts in the US for $20, more for larger quilts. The price for shipping and handling on paintings on wood or canvas is much higher and will depend on the size of the painting, as these are harder to ship than things that you can fold to ship.

Copyright: As with all art sales, the artist retains copyright on all art sold, unless the buyer specifically negotiates to buy the copyright. Since the artist retains the copyright to all her artwork, the buyer cannot reproduce the images for sale or other reproduction. But the artist has the right to use the images in any way she chooses, for sale or other reproduction. This is basic copyright law.

Thanks, Susan

My suggestions for framing my unstretched fabric paintings: Simply treat them like a drawing or prints on paper, but whose edges you want to let show. Lay the painting face up over a solid piece of matt board (with no cut-out window) with the matt also face up, with the matt board being a little larger than the painting. It will end up making a nice border around the painting, but the matt will be behind the painting, rather than in front of it. You choose how much of the matt you want to show in the frame, but I prefer just an inch or so, allowing the soft raw edge of the painting to show inside the frame.

You can sew tiny stitches at the top corners to tack the painting to the matt, to avoid having to use glue on the fabric. Using an awl, dremel, or just a needle, you can put two tiny holes in the matt, where you want to sew, and then sew one little stitch to hold each corner, knotting on the back of the matt. Use very thin thread that matches the painting where you're going to sew the tiny stitch in the top corners.

You can also pay me to quilt the cloth painting you buy, or you are welcomed to quilt it yourself, but I retain the image's copyright.

Eura and June. ©Susan Shie 2005.An example of how my price formulas work is at left: "Eura and June (The Stove Handover)" a fully hand stitched but not beaded art quilt made from one of my paintings. 12.75"h x 18.25"w.

This art quilt's price is $3,490, based on the formulas above, wth $15/sq in for a painting complexly hand quilted, with no beading. I got the price this way: 12.75"h x 18.25"w x $15 = $3,490.

Jimmy and Lucky.©Susan Shie 2003.

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